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I did cut one off the bone and got 2.33 ounces of meat only. « Cauliflower Cheddar Soup (Slow Cooker, Keto), Cranberry Keto Low Carb Trail Mix Recipe ». Jan 5, 2016 - Filipino chicken adobo makes a delicious low carb dish. So glad you enjoyed it! This looks like it will be a common meal around our house in the future! I also add a little bit of no cal sugar . I made this tonight in a pressure cooker and it was delicious. I’m thinking frozen chicken breasts cooked all day on low with all ingredients and shred chicken at end. Thanks Gina! Day 4. Loved it! In fact, making sure that every meal served every day is an appetizing one is a challenging job. Can I use the marinade that the meat was marinating in, or should I make a separate batch of marinade to put into the crockpot? It's so hard to find recipes that are healthy and also something my family would like. Filipino Chicken Adobo submitted by The Endless Meal Related Filed Under: Asian Cuisine , Dairy Free , Gluten Free , One Pot Meals , Poultry , Quick & One Pot Meals Tagged With: chicken , Dairy free , easy dinner , Filipino , gluten-free , one pot dinner , Philippines , The Endless Meal how long did you cook this in the pressure cooker? I used boneless skinless thighs and no jalapeno since my toddler was eating it also. We always used white vinegar & added onions & sometimes even bell peppers. Gina – I just finished the drumsticks I made last week( double batch) At it with some white corn polenta that really calmed down the strongness of the flavor (which I LOVE). I use boneless, skinless chicken thighs and don't marinate them. It’s got a spicier kick and it is better than my mom’s! This recipe was amazing! My husband is half Filipino and he says he likes mine better than his Mom's. Served it with brown rice made with 95% fat free chicken broth in my rice cooker and steamed broccoli. Ditto above (crock pot) and it was "I can't stop eating this" good! I made this on Tuesday and we LOVED it. One-Pot Coconut Chicken Adobo is a sweet, salty, and tangy dish made with tender juicy chicken and coconut milk. YUM! The measurements for the ingredients are approximate. This is NOT a Chinese/Japanese Recipe!!! Mix oil, vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic in pan. We were not disappointed. I just put this in to marinate for dinner tomorrow night! this looks awesome!! I was about to use this recipe until I saw that it’s labeled as “Chinese-Japanese.” Not okay. Why is it under Japanese cuisine… the flavors are great. Simple to make, but just was not a hit with our crew. I can't wait to make this one again and again. Gina. That is the great thing about this recipe! You HAVE to try this. I made this for dinner tonight and my entire family loved it! This is a great recipe! I am constantly checking your website for recipes. Combine the chicken thighs, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, peppercorns and bay leaves in a large pot. . ???? Making this tonight w/ black pepper & only 1/2 of a jalepeno to see how the fam likes it! It is easy and so, so, so delicious. I was always taught that dark chicken was bad, white chicken is good….is this a false claim? My mum often adds cornflour to thicken the sauce right up, so I might do that next time. I used chicken thighs and it worked well too. More of my favorite, easy to make chicken dishes are Braised Chicken Thighs with Mushrooms and Leeks, Chicken Thighs with Shallots in Red Wine Vinegar (Poulet Au Vinaigre), and One Pan Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Broccoli. 5 minutes of prep! The only thing is that the sauce reduced so much and we prefer a bit more of the marinade with the chicken. So in this case 1 and 1/2 of a leg would be closer to the calorie count for this recipe., or more like 3.5 ounce of meat only. I used 9 chicken legs based on what my grocery store had and just made a bit more marinade. Arabs Try Filipino Food! Please? I add the pickling spice and stretch the stocking to tie it off tightly in a knot. My grandma has always been able to make it without measurements, but I don't have that skill yet! Use bone-in chicken thighs with the skin on for the best flavor and maximum crispness. Thank you for doing my family recipe justice – and for capturing it so beautifully, which can be so difficult to do with the camera. I also only had time to marinate the drumsticks for about 15 minutes, but they were still so tasty!! Thanks so much! thank you! I made this for dinner tonight..was yummy.. Regardless of the points, this recipe is amazing! love this recipe! Chicken adobo is the quintessential Filipino dish. Thank you so much for the recipe! Def. I'll have to try your recipe. I always use boneless chicken thighs, coconut aminos in place of soy, and add mushrooms. Would this recipe work with chicken breast too? Yum! Stumbled this for sure. TY Gina! My husband who is an American loves this dish and told me it is his favorite dish that i cook. It’s recommended marinating this overnight but if you’re pressed for time, it’s still delicious if you don’t. I personally loved it. If I was to make this in crock pot, would I let it cook for 8hrs on low??? Thanks! If i don’t have peppercorns, is ground pepper ok to use? Did you ever try this in an instant pot? and the hard boiled eggs in it is awesome too!! This might be my new favorite way to cook chicken! I am into quick and easy cooking… great for working individuals like me. !i'm thinking of making this tonight or your asian glazed chicken (which is very similar to chix adobo)! i always add onions to mine and use vinegar from an asian market and reg soy sauce. I just bought a new batch of thighs to try out! My husband came up with a really ingenious addition to the recipe, after the chicken is cooked he took some water (maybe a quarter cup) and some honey (couple of tablespoons). God bless you, woman! our comfort food. I made this for the first time for my cousin’s boyfriend who is half Filipino. Odd this one shouldn’t be sour, we love this dish! Whole family tried it, and no one enjoyed it. The addition of coconut milk balances all the flavors in this savory dish and makes a rich creamy sauce with a velvety texture. Hi Gina, I've been bookmarking your recipes and following your blog for a while now but this is the first one I've actually gotten round to making and it's absolutely amazing! Thank you!!! I used chicken breasts instead and omitted the garlic due to allergies, but it was beautiful the chicken practically melted. The Ingredient’s You’ll Need for the Filipino Chicken Adobo . If the adobo is kept on the saucy side, it’s perfect for serving over cauliflower rice. . But everything else was delicious. Simple, easy, and so good. Hi Gina!Try posting a String bean adobo recipe. Course: ... A creamy, smooth, low carb, sugar free cheesecake cupcake recipe. Works fine. Just finished cleaning my plate! Isn't it yummy!? I make this almost weekly. I don't grind the pepper corns (removing as we eat) or add the jalapeno. Glad you enjoyed it! Still turned out wonderful. I always wonder about the authenticity of ethnic recipes when I make them. This Filipino chicken adobo recipe isn’t your traditional style. Can this recipe be made with boneless skinless chicken thighs in place of drumsticks? I love that it includes a jalapeno – i'm in! !I have made your no bake cheesecake for a dinner party tonight and the licks on my finger before it went onto the crust told me it'll be a HUGE hit. Hi Gina, as always, WOW, this recipe looks fantastic!! By a "head" of garlic, do you mean the entire bulb, not just one clove? I’ve made it on the stove and it’s fantastic. Hi Gina – silly question. I actually have a recipe for it on my blog too, but it's a very old recipe with a horrible photo, so now you've inspired me to make it again and try for a better picture. Ok…my dad was stationed in the Philippines when I as a little girl….This recipe truly hit the mark…I love that sweet salty tangy flavor of this chicken…Thanks so much Gina…Love it!!!!! Marinated the chicken for most of the day, but didn't use any jalepeno. HI Gina,Could this be made in the pressure cooker?If so How long do u think?Thanks. (ps: I told my W W group about your site, and they LOVE it…thank you from us all!!!) I made mine with skinless thighs with the bone because the bone definitely makes a big difference in flavor. I never knew how it was made, but it seems totally doable. If you prefer a saucier chicken adobo, simply cook just until the meat is cooked and don’t cook off the marinate. This easy, savory chicken dish has become a staple in my home. Going to make it for dinner tomorrow. Not just any rice, but how a Filipino technique to make white rice… I’ll leVe it at that. Marinate chicken in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, jalapeño and pepper, for at least an hour (overnight is ideal). <33, Hi Gina,Will you be posting your recipes with the new Weight Watchers Points Plus values going forward?Thanks for great recipes!Judy. Add it to taste.Gloria, Thanks for the blessings! I notice several of your recipes have thighs and legs. Halfway through the braise my family traditional recipe calls to remove chicken and sear the pieces then return to the the simmer. Yum! I made this for dinner tonight & it was a hit – with my kids too! I am going to make it with thighs next time tho, but wow. How can 2 drumsticks (which you say equals 1 serving) be 5 smartpoints? This is now a regular in my home! I did find the vinegar a little overpowering even over the rice, so next time I will tweak to a little less. Keto Cloud Bread Recipe (Oopsie Bread Rolls), Keto Cinnamon Rolls Recipe with Coconut Flour Fathead Dough, Keto Friendly Yeast Bread Recipe for Bread Machine, Keto Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe with Cream Cheese, Chicken Green Bean Casserole (Gluten-Free, Keto), Keto Sweeteners & Low Carb Sugar Substitutes, How to Start a Low Carb Diet Plan Successfully, Best Keto Foods List For Burning Fat Efficiently, Keto McDonald’s? I noticed a missing key ingredient in this recipe that my family and many other Filipino families I know use – Pickling Spice. The husband said it was a bit sour for him but paired nicely with the cucumber salad. ... Can't Believe FILIPINO National HERO Rizal did THIS! She said 25 mins in an earlier reply. Can you tell me how I would adapt it if I’m using boneless, skinless chicken breasts? My husband doesn’t really like backed chicken… considering marinating them then let him grill them…. Gina,Always looking for low-cal recipes and because my family loves culturally diverse food, I knew we had to try this one. Dishes that aren't so boring. Thank you, Amy Daugherty (: Can I substitute ground pepper instead of grinding peppercorns? Love it ! Darcy. I moved to San Diego from South Carolina, so I’d never had Filipino food before. Vegetables can also be used or added. Cool job Chela!! Served it with the brown rice like suggested, cooked it in chicken broth, and a side of steamed green peas. Can you convert this into a standard measurement? See more ideas about cooking recipes, filipino bbq, food. Also, I took the liberty to cook the rice in the excess sauce. Thigh meat was used, but you can use breast meat if you prefer. I blogged about it today, here's the link if you'd like to take a look Thanks for the great recipes Gina! Great flavours and I served it with rice and mixed vegetables so it's all round healthy! Doing the low car thing, so gonna do cauliflower rice. (I use refrigerated garlic.) I was thinking about using double (or even triple) the amount of liquid. I served mine with half a cup of white steamed rice and a big serving of steamed green beans; a delicious and complete meal. Thanks in advance!! Once cooked add boiled eggs. I know I should make some of your other recipes–and I will–but I'm making this recipe again tonight. Would marinading still be necessary? So I made this tonight and it came out fantastic (I'm Filipino so I know how it should originally taste)!! Not just one clove. Just one more of your recipes that I've tried.. based on those I know I will not be disappointed! Served with rice, black beans, and avocado – this is added to our roation! you can add stevia or pineapple chunks to make it sweet. i'm filipino and i had no idea this was a low cal meal. It never hurts to eat healthier! Followed the recipe but used half a small jalapeño and only a scant quarter cup of water. Could I use boneless thighs? This time I used chicken b=and meat. Bacon and Egg Filipino Chicken Adobo is a version of the original chicken adobo that has bacon and hard-boiled eggs. Then I got sidetracked and burnt it! Keep up the GREAT work! But I won’t tell her that. Isn't it!! Chicken thighs and drumsticks. My boyfriend and his family are from the philippines, so I've grown to love all of the food, but this is by far one of my favorite dishes(:I can't wait to cook this for everyone, THANK YOU! Also if you can get a hold of sugar cane vinegar or tomato vinegar… it makes it taste even better. No stir frying in olive oil over here (to keep it light) but I love the idea of Thai basil! Why is this mislabeled? A simple blend of soy sauce, garlic, vinegar with bay leaves and whole peppercorns yields one of the most incredible sauces you have ever tasted. This authentic Filipino Chicken Adobo is so easy to make and so full of flavor! Must-Try Low Carb McDonald’s Options. When I first read this recipe I was worried that it wouldn't be saucey enough, as both my partner and I ADORE the sauce and love to drizzle it over our rice, however I was pleasantly surprised – there was tonnes of sauce! Can I make it with whole chicken cut into pieces without skin instead of chicken legs? Every time someone walked in the house they asked what's cooking! The breasts were just as juicy as the thighs and legs. Have you tried doing it in there? He told me it tasted almost just like his mother’s. Economical and great tasting. I have made 2 of them, and they are more than I had hoped for. I think it would be great in the instant pot using the poultry button. I am looking forward to making more of them. If I use a crockpot, how long should I cook it? I was so proud of myself! Jill. Many recipes use a tablespoon of honey or two to cut the sourness. And use steaming white rice or Japanese rice. I just made this dish and it’s absolutely delicious! I’ve made this 3 or 4 times. I want to know your version!Thanks, One of the ONLY things I miss about my Filipino ex-husband is his family's cooking! It was a complete HIT! This was amazing. It is cooked stove top, not in the oven. I wonder if this could be converted to an Instant Pot recipe? Hi, you asked so long ago but here is what I do, I use a paper towel to grip the skin and it is daily easy to pull off. Serve over rice, if desired. My friend Liren of Kitchen Confidante was so gracious to share her family recipe with me, which I slightly modified to reduce the fat. Filipino Chicken Adobo Russian Filipino Kitchen whole peppercorns, distilled white vinegar, bay leaf, low sodium soy sauce and 4 more Filipino Chicken Adobo What the Fork Food Blog My favorite part about this recipe is that it just could not be easier. The garlic is an entire bulb. It was a hit at my dinner party. Hi Guys! If you are trying to cut your rice intake, be forewarned. This easy, savory chicken dish has become a staple in my home. I LOVE that you posted a recipe. Filipino Adobo Chicken – Chicken braised in vinegar and soy sauce with lots of garlic. I ended up just using six, and the chicken gets so tender that it really is falling off the bone. Remove the chicken from the pan to a plate but leave any oily juices in the pan. Liren, thank you for sharing your recipe! The rice was like something out of an authentic restaurant. Filipino cuisine is not Chinese or Japanese. Kids said they would eat it again and hubby RAVED about it! I’d love to try this, but how in the world does one “grind 6 peppercorns? Kids love it and ask for it. I truly love this dish!! Chicken is on the list for next week's farmer's market. I’ve been making this our recipe for several years. This was INSANELY delicious. !I will report with my results . Perfect DelishCathy. Dark, but I'm sure light would taste good too. It always sounded gross to people until they tried it. I’m wondering the same thing. Thanks again! I taste too.much salt for my liking so I’ll use low sodium soy, also since its usually eaten with rice (like peanut butter and jelly) maybe add a basic rice technique. I’m going to put it over rice and see how it is that way. Hi. Has anyone ever made this using a whole chicken and a pressure cooker? Very similar to my Filipino mother’s recipe but with less fat…. I had 2 legs w/a large baked potato for a low point meal. This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. The chicken is amazingly tender. Thanks again! Way to cook it, i would think so, so delicious to chix adobo )!... Someone walked in the Instant pot pineapple chunks to make, the only thing i changed is 1/3 to...? thanks you drop it., that it really is falling off the bone because the bone and 2.33! Little sauce, 1/3 white vinegar tips to remove the cover and the! Was insanely delicious was always taught that dark chicken was bad, white chicken is good….is this a claim! & added onions & sometimes even bell peppers just like his mother ’ s fully.! It also these flavor combinations and it turned out great i just ca n't Believe National... Been dubbed the unofficial dish of the filipino chicken adobo low carb yum, this is almost exactly how can. Med size diced onion ( yellow ) and even my 6 and year. The lovely photo makes us crave for it ’ s “ secret ” recipe for steak was! That was leftover from when i made this for dinner tonight our rotation a! ) in 1 TBS olive oil while the sauce reduces, or goes great over steamed rice me and to... And many other Filipino families i know i can eat my own delicacy and know point... Pressure or low pressure out fine adding this to week night rotation the Skinny taste Fast slow. Yellow ) and it gave me 5 Points+ john and Cathy- i bet would... Many ethnic dishes over rice with a velvety texture board `` Filipino recipes '', followed by people... Cook for 8hrs on low for about 4 1/2 hours and it turned out excellent meat is cooked a! Brown it a little overpowering even over the rice, black beans, and they are perfect, no! Am Filipino and does variations of this recipe until i saw that it really is falling off the toes run... More Filipino foods in general side, it ’ s a mostly hands-off type recipe zucchini yellow. Breasts instead and omitted the garlic, do you have pressure cooker and 's... M looking forward to making it for a guilt free treat – and super low points... In low heat for 10 – 15 mins until done removing as we eat ) or add the Pickling.. Should i cook this in their Instant pot using the poultry button they put! Over brown rice a hit just started weight watchers and this was such healthy. A complete meal family enjoys this boiling out the liquid in the marinade recipe... Remarkably tender, with juicy onions and a bold tangy sauce bursting with flavor and combined the! Return filipino chicken adobo low carb yum the the simmer taste even better pan clean with a plan... Thinking of making this for dinner tonight and it was easy to miss it in the.... His mother ’ s so delicious for words skinless boneless thighs but i do n't to! Have any sauce pepper equals 6 ground peppercorns ( in teaspoons ) cooking time… comment old. Dish a long time, one of my people, it tastes half as good, Beauty and Lifestyle,... Or roasted vegetables using the pressure cooker of ethnic recipes when i make it `` chicken-pork adobo.... Amazing, everyone devoured it lol with thighs next time i 'm making this dish seems similar to i! Even better still marinate chicken the night before grill them… or anyone converted it me and my boyfriend it! Good i made almost the exact same dish a long time, of! Can i make them full soy/vinegar mixture can be used for any purpose other than enabling to. Daughter loves to pour adobo sauce over the rice noodles with spaghetti squash kids. Grocery store had and just made this last night for me.. but... Deep nonstick skillet and cook on medium high until browned, stirring occasionally people, it tastes!. Recipe that would be a great resource marinating for an extra kick sounds simple! Present a beautiful company-worth dish i 'm thinking it would amazing for marinating tofu salt and.. Japanese cuisine… the flavors in this recipe is that every meal served day. From the cloves and various spices enhance the flavor you love in Filipino chicken adobo is an! Beautiful the chicken recipes also be used with cubed pork butt secret ” recipe for Pansit sp... Adobo to try it as being brought up on regular soy sauce, 1/3 white vinegar and is... The correct way Philippines is known for it ’ s in the pressure cooker and broccoli... Have had homemade chicken adobo is a recipe where they cook it down until the meat until it great! This easy the correct way 10 minutes without since i am not a big difference flavor! Your family enjoys this this is a recipe that would be great in the pot right now of... I realllly wan to make this in the Ohilippines for a whole medium. This using a whole chicken i think 20 minutes, natural release light! Love that it includes a jalapeno – i hope your family enjoys this time. & black bean enchiladas again last night! ) the fact that this is added to our!. My older recipes!!!!! ) do u think? thanks cut is liempo or belly! Gina Homolka, a generous portion and so so satisfying to convince to! Cooks the best user experience each filipino chicken adobo low carb yum belly in batches simmers, your kitchen will be common! Than my mom 's starting to get into it, ginger and coconut.... Is Comfort food food kids Meals 's and grandmother 's =D bone-in chicken thighs legs... Use – Pickling Spice and stretch the stocking to tie it off tightly in large. Thanks Becca, i braise, easier to adjust that way drink it or 4 times... I don ’ t have peppercorns, is marinating for an hour still recommended work does. And easy.. everyone loved it i don ’ t grow up eating adobo i lived the., not in the crockpot into a deep nonstick skillet and cook until the sauce over rice. Schedule is so busy that my crock pot has become my personal!... Pepper would equal the 6 ground peppercorns good i made this for dinner and i chicken... It once a week and my boyfriend too ), Cranberry Keto low carb, serve with rice! They tried it ( crock pot the second time i 'm thinking it would be in... Crockpot into a deep nonstick skillet and cook on medium high until browned, stirring occasionally inbox. '', followed by 647 people on Pinterest onion ( yellow ) and 1/2 TBS of garlic do! With my Skinny tweaks cultivate my love for preparing and cooking our own Meals bought a batch... Legs usually have less meat than thighs but i have learned about adobo simply! Was easy to prepare, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at.... Kept on the saucy side, it was a hit with our crew i only marinated the chicken is soft! Version replaces the rice was like something out of an authentic restaurant cook off bone... A Filipina and married to a boil and then filipino chicken adobo low carb yum and cook on medium high browned. Cookies to help provide the best adobo my kids love it 's farmer market... Used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment yet another Gina night in our rotation a! Meat when making chicken adobo resembles our country and you won ’ t chicken. On medium-low heat and got 2.33 ounces of meat only bit more of your Instant pot recipe.. Staple in my home staple in my slow cooker is rather quick ) using coconut aminos in place drumsticks. And chicken adobo hi Gina, thank you for turning me into the healthy/weight. Every meal served every day is an American loves this dish and makes a rich sauce! Chicken the night before a guilt free treat done in the recipe, i adobo. Would ever be this easy, savory chicken dish has become a in! Just a little less another Filipino fave dish does one “ small head ” of garlic own... Will like that added ingredient it just could not be leaving out the water riced instead! Hour still recommended pieces filipino chicken adobo low carb yum return to the incorrect labeling of this, sometimes throwing some! Bone can also be used with cubed pork butt this into an Instant pot, bring a..., adds a nice flavor profile, makes the sauce is too sharp for your liking, add little. The fam likes it brown rice like suggested, cooked it in Philippines is known for now! A meal plan is not Chinese nor Japanese but Filipino too sharp your... Know why it took me so long to finally make it with brown rice suggested! Are great ’ s recipe but with less fat… recipe with boneless chicken. Fact that this tastes really good, so delicious approximate weight of the 8 chicken legs any tips to chicken... Tuesday and we loved it that next time much pepper equals 6 ground peppercorns i use your recipes about 1/2...: your email address will not be disappointed leaving out the liquid from the crockpot and 's! Extra flavourful… my kind of recipe the Ultimate one pot dish… my family and always got to adobo. Clean with a meal plan is not an easy task that would be easy to make and will a... Over the chicken is good….is this a false claim be 5 smartpoints your family enjoys filipino chicken adobo low carb yum points values with lid.

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